How We Make A Difference

Below are statistics from some of our recent programs around the globe.

80% of youth participants prepared to enter higher education, vocational training or the workforce in Jordan. 68% of recipients reported an increase in income after receiving small farm kits in Syria. 26.6% increase in girls’ school attendance after Menstrual Hygiene Management program in Ghana. 0 0 0 % % % Pie Chart

Words from our Partners for Good

What People Are Saying About Us

“What we realized was that here was an NGO that had real expertise in providing sanitation and hygiene to primary schools. They also had expertise in encouraging behavior change in the pupils, as well as the teachers, so we decided to contact them and explore a partnership. What we realized is that the expertise we didn’t have, Global Communities had it.”

Andrew Quayson, Chairman of Unilever Ghana Foundation